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This area is related to corporate finance in two ways. Firstly, the exposition to risks of the company is a direct result of previous investment and financing decisions. Secondly, both disciplines share the goal to improve or to preserve the company’s value.

Risk management is a structured focus to manage uncertainty associated to a threat through a
sequence of activities that include risk evaluation, development strategies to manage the risk
and risk mitigation by means of managerial resources. Strategies include transferring
the risk to another part, avoiding the risk, reducing the risk’s negative effects and accepting
some or all the consequences of a particular risk. Our local and international teams provide
specialized solutions in the following areas:

Governance, risk & compliance

We help to implement corporate governance and internal control frameworks, as well as to establish appropriate follow-up practices. The aim is to reduce different risks associated to a pre-selected
environment. It could refer to several types of threats caused by the environment, technology,
people, organizations and politics. Alternatively, it involves all available resources,
particularly those from a risk management entity (person, staff, organization).

Internal audit

The internal audit is independent, objective and it is designed to add value and improve the organization’s operations, helping it to achieve their goals by means of providing a systematic and well-organized focus to assess and improve. An internal audit assesses objectively the risk management that a company is facing and helps to identify gaps, deficiencies and possible risks attached to information policies, processes and technology during stable and changing times of the business; and it recommends improvements. Objectivity is essential to conduct a high-quality internal audit, in other words, the audit needs to focus on the company’s best interest and not on individual’s interests. This provides a
new glance at how things can be achieved instead of accepting conventional knowledge
and old habits. The internal audit is a powerful tool that helps managing threats in order
to achieve success for an organization.

Business process management (BPM)

A process management system helps your organization to establish methodologies, responsibilities, resources and activities that will help achieve established goals. Our team will help you search for tailored solutions for the needs of your business process management. The BPM provides a systematic vision, a gives sense to the staff’s work, develops team work and makes standardizations by discarding duplication of tasks.

Furthermore, BPM facilitates the elimination of worthless activities, increases efficiency and productivity, allows the company to focus on the client, predict and control change, analyze and measure results by ability and efficiency process, and, finally, BPM generates value to the company. Our service includes:

  • organizational restructuring
  • reengineering of processes
  • Continuous improvement of processes
  • definition and implementation of management indicators
  • risk and control management
  • business process modelling
  • business process automation
  • business process monitoring
  • indicators matrix.

Information technology (IT)

Every day, companies need to manage information with greater practicality and dynamism; therefore, information management is a more critical and sensitive issue within the effectiveness of the company. Companies need to address their strategies in the implementation of action plans that protect their information systems with defined processes and good practices of internal control.

  • IT auditing, risk and governance – The reliability and integrity of your information assets and their supporting processes allow you to guarantee an adequate and more efficient decision-making and the achievement of your business goals.
  • management for business continuity – When we think about the minimum tasks to guarantee the operability of the company at long term before any eventuality, we are referring to business continuity.
  • IT forensic audit: ethical hacking – Concept of critical importance that needs to be evaluated
    when referring to mitigation of business risks. The timely identification of physical and logical weaknesses, help the company to keep itself protected from malicious attacks by means
    of implementing adequate controls.