Forensic audit

“Our risk management professionals of Grant Thornton can provide you with research solutions to comply with legal norms required for penal processes, civil recovery or disciplinary sanctions around the world.”

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The complexity of organizations, the speed of transactions, the great rotation of key employees and other organizational risks are some of the main factors responsible for the high rate of frauds in companies.

We provide help so your company can develop and maintain a solid reputation for ethically acting by finding ways of managing risks, researching alleged inappropriate conducts and measuring financial implications of law suits. A greater regulation has implied a greater complexity and magnitude
of the financial conflicts and inquiries, which requires -more than ever- the forensic
opinion of experts. Our forensic auditing team goes beyond numbers, it deals with the
commercial reality of the situation and it provides an independent opinion with clear terms.

Service includes:

  • accounting fraud
  • forensic accounting
  • special inquiries of fraud and management
  • implementation of counter fraud controls
  • assigned accounting experts.