Financial accounting

“In Grant Thornton, we guarantee confidentiality, trained and continuously evaluated staff, operating simultaneity, covering different locations in the country, and services designed to your needs.”

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The benefits for our clients range from improvement of key information generation for managerial control and decision-making, minimization of contingencies before regulatory entities along with reduction of operative costs and internal departments to permanent contact with specialized consultants.

Through our experience and by transferring our specialists part of the raised tasks, we will
help you improve your efficiency and operativity by meeting the agreed goal: good, timely
and economic information that supports the decision-making and the management control
to successfully face a market, that is more competitive and dynamic every time.

Our services are oriented to guarantee an adequate solution to your current problems, they:

  • allow reduction and control of operational costs
  • minimize errors
  • provide stability to management
  • free internal resources
  • standardize and, therefore, eliminate duplicity of tasks
  • optimize processing time
  • offer guarantee of service
  • allow access to new technologies
  • offer 100% support, privacy and confidentiality
  • provide specialized advisory.